Persian women and girls currently endure physical and mental violence in Iran and Afghanistan as they fight for their basic human rights. Help us support them and their cause through empowering support groups and workshops.

$50 allows one female survivor of abuse to attend a Trauma Management program

$100 buys books and supplies for a woman or girl to study

$150 pays the monthly salary of one of our peer-educators

As a trauma-informed organization, we aim to promote trauma-informed therapy in spaces which are underrepresented. We are honored to announce our partnership with the Afghan orphanage Shamsa in Kabul. Last month, we held our first workshop on Emotional Literacy for Shamsa’s caregivers, teachers and administrators. The purpose of this workshop was to inform, educate and promote an open dialogue with regards to mental health. Alongside the Emotional literacy workshop, Omid sponsored The Decider course at Shamsa. The Decider course is a 26 hour trauma-informed program centered around decision-making and emotional control within high-pressure environments and traumatic experiences. Both coursers have been online based and instructed by OMID’S professional psychologists. Omid hope to continue our work with Shamsa focusing our resources on children’s mental-health and education.